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St. Puppy's Day started in 2009 as a way for us to thank the Professional Breeder for their hard work with a home-cooked meal and values from vendors we work with.  Since the first event, St. Puppy's Day has grown into a major event, complete with expert speakers, multiple vendors, and a full meal, attended by hundreds of your peers, the Professional Breeder.  

This is an event you CANNOT afford to miss!

THE Breeder Educational Day...

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Mission Statement

We're building the 2021 event!

Pinnacle Pet is a place where the mission, vision, and values are more than something that's framed and stuck on the wall in the lobby. They are a set of principles that are lived and breathed by the enthusiastic workforce - people who are so loyal they never want to leave the organization or industry.  Pinnacle Pet is a fun place that does good things and is growing despite a tough economy.  We want to reward your hard work with great prices and an honest business relationship.